The Art of Mixing by Francis Gazeau

Francis Gazeau - PhotographerTraveling in all latitudes, Francis Gazeau collects materials, silhouettes or landscapes, then, on the light table, he interweaves them in a unique art of mixing. All the cultures and countries he has passed through are brought together.

By setting aside any documental value of the photography and by wrapping it in texture effects, Francis Gazeau creates an unknown, fantastic universe where plants, faces and minerals overlap. He turns out to be an artist of nature.

During the first creative phase, he remains a craftsman who refuses any processing of the image by the computer. His particular sensitivity captures a moment of life to freeze it in a material sometimes close to a rock painting. Erasing the distance from photography by the proximity of detail and texture, he unites the work of the hand with that of the eye; only the matter comes to retouch the photographic image.


Exhibition on the Pont des Arts, Paris, June 2006
Video thumbnail exhibition Francis Gazeau on the Pont des Arts in Paris
Exhibition in Marseille, Vieux-Port, June 2008
Video thumbnail exhibition Francis Gazeau in Marseille, Vieux-Port
Nomad gallery, November 2020
Video thumbnail exhibition Francis Gazeau in Nui gallery, Ibiza

Main exhibitions

  • 2020
    Exhibition of the nomadic gallery in the NUI space in Ibiza
  • 2019
    Design and creation of a nomadic art gallery from 2 shipping containers ©Francis Gazeau nomadic art gallery
  • October 2010 to 2018
    Creation of a photography-editing-filming workshop, Balearic Islands
  • January 2009
    Exhibition at the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations in Marseille (MUCEM)
  • June 2008
    Exhibition in Marseille at the Old Port
  • May 2007
    Exhibition at United Nations Headquarters in New York (UN)
  • April 2007
    Exhibition at Galerie Modus Place des Vosges in Paris
  • November 2006
    Exhibition at the United Nations Palace in Geneva (UN)
  • June 2006
    Exhibition on the Pont des Arts in Paris
  • November 2005
    Exhibition at Unesco Paris
  • January 2005
    Exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
  • November 2004
    Exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (coll.)
  • September 2003
    Exhibition at the Anne Moerchen gallery in Hamburg
  • May 2003
    « Terre d’Images » exhibition in Biarritz
  • February 2002
    Exhibition at the Espace des Créateurs at the Forum des Halles in Paris
  • May 2001
    Opera Gallery exhibition, rue St. Honoré in Paris
  • April 2001
    Opera Gallery exhibition, Spring Street in New York
  • February 2000
    “Le Maroc” exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (IMA)
  • May 1999
    Exhibition at the Mois Bis de la Photo at the Nesle gallery in Paris (coll.)
  • June 1998
    Exhibition « Les Migrateurs », rue Jacob in Paris

Francis Gazeau is listed at the National Library of France under number N° EP-4545.